Reopening Tulare County


Resources for employers:


Employers may require employees to be vaccinated

An employer can require their employees to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as long as the employer:

  • Does not discriminate against or harass employees or job applicants on the basis of a protected characteristic, such as disability or national origin

  • Provides reasonable accommodations related to disability or sincerely-held religious beliefs or practices

  • Does not retaliate against anyone for engaging in protected activities, such as requesting a reasonable accommodation

Learn more about workplace safety and civil rights in the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s FAQsPDF.

Find details about reasonable accommodations in the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commission’s information about COVID-19 and EEO laws.


Request proof of vaccination

Employers requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination status for employees or patrons should follow the Department of Public Health’s Vaccine Record Guidelines and Standards:

  • Verify records through a private and confidential process.

  • Protect patrons from discrimination.

  • Do not create barriers to essential services or restrict access based on a protected characteristic.

Reopening Tulare County Schools and Returning to In-Person Learning

Ensuring the health and safety of children, teachers, staff, and all of their families is the top priority. It’s recommended that schools develop a reopening plan that meets the requirements set forth by California Department of Public Health and Tulare County Public Health. Prior to applying for a waiver, the school superintendent or equivalent must consult with labor, parent, and community organizations to develop and publish a reopening plan.

Visit the Tulare County School Resources webpage for resources and guidance on reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.