Reporting COVID-19 Outbreaks to Tulare County Public Health

Ensuring a safe workplace is crucial to preventing the spread of COVID-19. The Public Health Branch has provided tools to support workplaces in creating a safe environment. California enacted legislation AB 685 to put infection prevention regulations in place related to COVID-19. This involves informing the Public Health Branch when 3 or more positive cases occur within a 14-day period. Visit Tulare County Public Health - California AB 685 Enhanced Enforcement and Employer Reporting Requirements Webpage.

COVID Testing Resources

The California Testing Task Force has programs in place that allow community-based organizations and employers to offer COVID testing.  Through this program businesses are able to request PCR or rapid antigen tests that can be offered to communities or the public.

  • PCR tests are confirmatory self-swab tests with specimens collected via a mid-nasal swab. Results take between 48-74 hours to obtain.

  • Antigen test are rapid tests self-swab tests. Results can be obtained within 15 minutes to an hour. A positive antigen test, is required to be followed up by a confirmatory PCR test.

Information on these testing resources is available at:


Workforce Investment Board of Tulare County has partnered with the California Employers Association to provide Tulare County employers with a no-cost HR Hotline: (888) 563-2373. Hotline hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.